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Current or Future Real Estate Agent,

It could be that you haven’t worked in real estate before, but are curious about all the success stories you’ve heard about people generating massive amounts of wealth from their work in the industry. From the outside looking in, that all sounds incredibly enticing. Maybe you’ve worked in sales before—but do you feel like you’re impacting your community? Do you have the opportunity to earn limitless income? Do you feel like your current line of work will ever set you up for the kind of lifestyle you’ve heard about?

Or perhaps you’re already in the real estate business, but you haven’t been achieving the success or wealth you dreamed of when you were working to get your license. Maybe you’re feeling bogged down by all the tasks you’re responsible for and you can’t give your clients the quality of service that you once hoped you would. Everything is just overwhelming—there’s so much information coming at you from every direction, and everyone around you is saying that they have the answers to your problems.

It could be that you’re lying awake at night, wondering about where your next deal will come from, or you’re missing out on your family and social life because you’ve convinced yourself that you have no option but to keep going. You’ve bought your own leads, paid for coaching, invested money in Zillow leads, or perhaps you joined a big-name brokerage because you thought it would be the answer to your problems.

Or maybe you’re just looking for something…more.

If you relate to any of these experiences, you wouldn’t be the first. Real estate as an industry doesn’t merely hand you wealth or create the life you want. In fact, 87% of first-time agents fail within their first two years in the business and leave it forever. Furthermore, the average first-year agent in Colorado sells only four homes in their first year. Let me emphasize something: It does not have to be that way for you.

If you are an agent looking for something different, something better, or you’re not yet an agent but have the drive to create change in the industry and in your community, I’m here to let you know that you absolutely can. And while you’re doing that, you can also make a six-figure income every year.

I built my business back in 2008, when agents and consumers both were fleeing the market in droves. The industry declined, but my business flourished. The agents currently working full time at our firm are on schedule to clear a minimum of $250,000 per year.
Doesn’t that sound nice? Of course it does. I’m not just encouraging you, but challenging you to make that kind of success happen for yourself. All you have to do is join our team, follow our coaching strategies, and attend our weekly meetings.

I’m looking for agents who want to work with us to implement all the systems and tools needed to build consistent and reliable wealth through selling real estate.
Our mission is to help you succeed. We can accomplish this together by treating every challenge as a learning opportunity and by providing top-tier service to each and every person we help meet their real estate goals.

We don’t do this alone—we each focus on being an expert in one piece of the business and hold each other accountable for meeting our goals. But as we do it, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Opportunity does not have to come at the cost of fun and family.
We have the support that will allow you to step away from your cell phone and fully engage in your life and community. We want you to reach your personal goals.
When you join our team, you won’t be wondering how you’ll spend your time. Agents on our team work together to support one another success in business and in our personal lives.

When you join our team, you’ll know what it means to work in a well-oiled machine. Our commission split is also team-oriented and we don't bog you down with high monthly fees.

When you join our team, you’ll have fun every day and be able to look back on the impact you’ve made on both your family and your community.

We’re offering a full CRM, online transaction coordinator program, broker support, coaching, and client events. You’ll be productive, sure, but you won’t be weighed down by a million extraneous tasks or the stress of not knowing what will happen if you don’t achieve them.

You have the power to change your life by applying for this position, but only if you have the drive to make it happen very soon.

Unless, of course, you’d rather go back to your search for flexibility and freedom, never knowing where your potential lay and submitting yourself to the whims of our uncertain market.

I’m fairly certain that you don’t want to do that, though, which is why I’m challenging you to take charge of your future by applying with us. You can be the author of your own success.

For your confidential interview please contact:

Elliot Pappas, Managing Broker & Owner

What our clients are saying  

I wish I could give Trisha & Elliot 10 stars. I promise you there is no better real estate team on the planet, and especially in Colorado. They’re truly experts in this market - so knowledgeable, available for you 24/7, fight for everything you want, invest in YOU, give you the tough love and splashes of humor we all need throughout the home buying process, and feel like friends at the end of it all. This is the team everyone tells you that you need, especially when attempting to navigate the wild Colorado market. It’s ruthless! Without a doubt I can say that my husband and I landed in our dream mountain home specifically because of Trisha & Elliot (Spirit Bear Realty). They are your people. Consider yourself lucky and on your way home once you begin working with them. Forever grateful!


~ Marianne Ahern

The first time my wife and I worked with Trisha was in finding and buying a home in Conifer. The second time was selling that previous home in Conifer to buy a new home in Larkspur. I really appreciated working with her the second time b/c closing on the house in Larkspur was contingent to selling the Conifer house. This special situation was stressful, but Trisha and her team was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. Because of this, we were able to sell the Conifer house and close on the Larkspur house all within a month. She's definitely knowledgeable with real estate


~ Edrey & Bobbi Jo

I recommend Trisha Karstetter 100% to be your home buying agent! My fiance & I visited Jefferson County from Florida for exactly 1 week with 1 goal in mind - to make an offer on a house! Via email we explained what we were looking for; she put together a binder of the homes organized by day & area of where the homes were located. We saw 72 homes before choosing THE one. She was so adventurous, kind & reassuring; she made buying a new home FUN. Thank you Trisha!


~ Greg & Karen of Evergreen

I would recommend Trisha Karstetter. I find Trisha to be hard working, tenacious and that she genuinely cares about her clients. This is not just a job for her it is her passion, she is excited to go to work every day and works for her clients with great enthusiasm. I would work with Trisha again for buying or selling a home.


~ Lynda in Golden

Trisha provided excellent service. We went out with numerous real estate agents but Trisha was our favorite. She was always honest and had our family in her best interest. A family type atmosphere in the office. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!!


~ Kevin, Mindy & Marley

We had a fantastic experience with Trisha! She really went above and beyond with every aspect of our home buying experience. She is warm, responsive, well connected, and very organized. She developed a great relationship with the selling agent and facilitated a flawless transaction. She also has extensive knowledge of Indian Hills and the surrounding area. Even after we closed on our new home she continued to connect us with a variety of local services! We would highly recommend her and we look forward to being her neighbors!


~ Shannon & Michael

Trisha was a true professional, yet with a great personal touch. She was always available day or night to answer our many questions. I would highly recommend her.


~ Lisa & Jeff

Trisha helped me purchase and sell several properties - including investment properties and horse properties. Trisha is professional, courteous, and a wonderful negotiator! I highly recommend her!


~ Scott

Trisha made the home buying and selling process so easy and was quick to answer all of our questions. Trisha also sold our house fast and at a record high price point for our model in our immediate area. I highly recommend Trisha Karstetter for your next real estate transaction!!


~ Taylor & Matt

First used Trisha to buy a home in Indian Hills. She was able to help us sort out the good, the bad and the ugly....which is not an easy feat in the mountains! One day, she must have showed us six different properties. Quite a few were ones we had found and she immediately contacted agents so we could see them. We did find the perfect cabin! I then contacted Trisha months later to help with selling my condo. She was extremely responsive and was able to attain a contractor to do some re-modeling/updating. First offer actually came in before it was on the market. Unfortunately, it wasn't the right offer, but with Trisha's skills, the condo sold within six weeks of actually being on the market. Trisha has a knack of making you feel like you are her only client. Which helps someone like me that was pretty naïve about the real estate market. Thanks Trisha!!! You ROCK!


~ Christy

Trisha was always available day/night 7 days a week to help us with any questions or concerns we had. She sold our condominium in 1 day. We also used her to purchase our new home - which went very smoothly. Excellent realtor. Highly recommend using her. Thank you Trisha for everything


~ Jane & Paul

Trisha Karstetter was not only extremely knowledgeable, she was very east to talk to, patient, and was very helpful with every aspect of buying our home. She helped us figure out what kind of loan would be best for situation, and let us know how increase the homes value once we purchased it. I highly recommended her, I even did to my own parents which will be purchasing a home through her in the near future.


~ Annie & Jared

Trisha helped me through the process of getting the house ready to sell and all of her recommendations seemed to result in several offers as soon as the house was listed. Being able to sign all the listing contracts and just email them back without going into the office was very helpful. Absolutely the best Realtor I've ever dealt with!!


~ Steve

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